Adeniyi Begs Toyin Aimaku To Sign Divorce

Adeniyi Johnson has come out to beg his ex-wife, Toyin Aimakhu to sign their divorce documents.

In a series of post on his Instagram page, the actor revealed that Toyin Aimakhu has been stalling their divorce for the past three years and he is fed up with it. The actor begged her to sign the divorce documents and let him go.

“We were supposed to sign divorce documents by November 1st, u didn’t come, the case was postponed to January 10th only for your manager SAM to call me that you want to discontinue the case in shagamu and restart in Ibadan…why madam? Till date I did no interviews except for the one on rubbin mind and yet took all faults and bear the names you call me…why not let me go after 3 years…why shift case to start all over again,” he wrote.

Looks like the drama between Adeniyi Johnson and Toyin Aimakhu won’t be ending anytime soon. We can all recall how these guys made the headlines following the messy infidelity scandal that rocked their marriage.

Back in August 2015, Toyin Aimakhu announced that she had filed for a divorce from then-husband, Adeniyi Johnson on grounds of infidelity.

According to popular blogger Stella Dimokokorkus, Toyin Aimakhu is was fed up with her marriage to Adeniyi Johnson after she found out that he was trying to sleep with one of her workers. The worker in question confessed to Toyin Aimakhu that her husband has been toasting her for a while. She even went on to show her concrete evidence of ‘Niyi trying to as ask her out.

In 2015, Toyin Aimakhu and then husband, Adeniyi Johnson’s one marriage packed up after reports of infidelity. There were reports that the Yoruba Nollywood actress and upcoming actor have gone their separate ways with a series of allegations of infidelity.

Aimakhu has removed her husband’s surname ‘Johnson’ from her Instagram profile and fully reverted to her maiden name.


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