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BBnaija had a party for the Housemates tonight Saturday..The Party was epic, fun and Fantastic.

Housemates were looking glamorous with regalia provided by Payporte. They Were supplied with beers, stouts, and Soft drinks.

Due to too Much intake of Alcohol by K brulee, After the party was over. Housemate Princess was with a vanilla iced cream and decided to play an Ice cream challenge, if you want to take out of her ice cream, she will spill it over one of the other housemates while you lick it from their lips…

At first, the ice cream was spilled on Anto’s cheek for K Brulee to lick, then some others. It was Lolu’s turn being the Strategic pair of Anto, As the cream was spilled on Lolu’s lips, Anto was called to fetch it and she did it…kissing Lolu passionately.

I believe this situation Spikes the Alcoholic ginger in the K Brule guy…Jumped from upper part of the house, Broke his Ankle and Wrist.

After his Housemates attended to his wound and he felt better, after which Anto kissed him.

Later on, After alot of murmur from the fellow that how would he had jumped cos he was in love with a girl and jealously injured himself forgetting the main reason of being in the big brother house which is Playing the game to win and not a match making…

Bitto was caught crying blaming himself for the situation of the injury which led to a serious swell in the ankle tendon of the Guy K brulee.

He was quickly attended to by all other housemates that the situation was not as a result of what he had said to him earlier but for rather much more disturbing family emotional problem which was missed with alot of alcohol intake…

Dee one was trying to crack up jokes to lighten the sad mood of the house…It was really well done by him though…

Presently, K brulee is injured and was rubbed with balm without any further medical attention…Game continues..


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