Police Officers Massacred By Gunmen While Transporting Prisoner (Graphic Photos)

These are the shocking pictures of six police officers who were massacred in a brutal shootout with a gunmen trying to free a prisoner. The shootout happened when police were attacked while transporting a prisoner by the armed group travelling in at least three vehicles.

A frightened resident filmed from a balcony a man and a child taking cover behind a low wall as multiple gunshots has can be heard. Six officers were killed and one was hospitalised in the attack that happened in the Jalisco state in the western part of Mexico on Tuesday.

Authorities have opened an investigation and the area is under surveillance. Marisela Gomez Cobo, the attorney general of Jalisco, said the gunmen were travelling in three vehicles and attacked the state police patrol near a highway in the town of La Huerta.

She said one of the attackers was captured and wounded. The army and police sent in additional forces by helicopter to transport them. The other five attackers escaped by setting up two roadblocks with stolen vehicles that were set on fire.

It is common for Mexican drug cartels to use these types of barricades to cover their escapes.



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